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Consumer Data B2C

Register & create your list now, an online platform, was created to provide the highest quality customer database to people.

Benefits of buying B2C Data from Refreshed Direct:
  • reaching 99% of the UK adult population cost effectively
  • helping to save time and money
  • self-serve data count website or a dedicated account handler
  • getting consumer data counts, costs and access to the data at a time to suit you
  • super- fast turnaround times
  • our in-house consumer database (taken from the renowned B2C Experian ConsumerView) is one of the largest data files currently in the UK.

Speak to people in their homes, in the way that they prefer.

With the advance in technology there are now more gadgets available to people for them to gain the information they need. Instead of waiting for information to reach them, consumers are now actively selecting what they want to know about and how they want to receive it

Select from: All of our landline telephone numbers are screened against the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

Getting in front of the right person at the right time is crucial to any brand marketing activity.

In a world where client loyalty is no longer guaranteed and marketing spend is being scrutinised to make sure waste is avoided at all costs, time, targeting and relevance are critical to the success of any B2C marketing campaign.

For more information on how much b2c data costs, or how to purchase b2c data, visit our FAQ section or contact us for a customised quote.
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